Letter to participants

Dear All,

I would like to inform you about a new version of the Ceureg webpage. I hope you welcome it.

I also hope that it will be a useful tool for future Ceureg Forums and a good place for all Ceureg presentations. For this reason, please consider preparing your presentation in PowerPoint.

Our meeting is coming up very soon and I have two items, or rather two requests:

  • May I ask all authors to double-check the titles of their presentations, authors and institutions (Draft Agenda). This is important for the final version of the Agenda.
  • May I ask all registered participants for help in inviting delegates of countries from which so far we have had no response.

    As of now we have registered 66 participants from 16 countries. We have no representatives from: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine.

All your help is greatly appreciated.

With kindest regards,
Stanislaw Stobiecki

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