Final document (draft)

Please find draft version of the Final document of the Ceureg Forum XIII.


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After Forum

Dear Participant,

The Organizing Committee would like to thank you for participating in the CEUREG Forum XIII held in Poznan, Poland on 15-16 October, 2009. Your interest in the meeting and input into the discussion on various topics related to pesticide registration is really appreciated.

We are very grateful for those of you who gave presentations and contributed to advancing and enriching the idea of the meeting. Please check the webpage for copies of all presentations.

We hope the Forum provided a valuable opportunity for you to learn about the most recent developments in the issues related to pesticide registration. We also hope that your interest and commitment will carry on until our next Forum in Brno, Czech Republic in 2010, where you will be willing to share the outcomes of your continuous work.

Thank you and hope to see you next year,

The Organizing Committee