Preliminary Draft Agenda

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the “Preliminary Draft Agenda” as last updated today, up to now without detailed time schedule. To adjust the timelines we need from you to know, if you will prepare presentation to certain points of the agenda according the information given in the agenda points.
If you did not send it up to now, please send us by e-mail the name of author and the title of the presentation to the following addresses:,,, and .

As we are not issuing neither the book of presentations nor the book of annotations as we are placing all presentations in a few days after the meeting to the CEUREG web page, there is not any strict deadline for sending the slideshow in PowerPoint with the exception – before the start of your presentation ! . But it would be very usefull if the speakers in the first day morning session will be so kind and send us the presentations on Friday 12th October 2012 at the latest.

As to the leght of the presentations bear in mind that it is acceptable to be for:

- main presentation in Session I, II A and II B (their speakers are already in the agenda) cca 30 minutes
- national presentation indicated in the agenda in Session I, II A and II B (representatives of national PPPs regulation authorities) cca 10 minutes
- brief information on the national approach in the panel and round table discussion cca 5 minutes

Acceptable time limit for main presentation in the Session III is cca 10 – 15 minutes. There will be only short round table discussion opened at the end of each point in this Session (none additional presentations allowed).

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation !
See you in Vienna soon,
Josef Švaříček
on behalf of the CEUREG Forum XVI.
Organizing and Programme Committee

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