First Day 24th October 2017
Welcome and introduction

Mr Stefan Ryba, General Director of the Section of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic

SESSION I: Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 Current Issues
EU Legal framework for pesticides – current isssues and challenges

Mr Klaus Berend (European Commission, DG SANTE)

Industry view on the implementation and review of Regulation 1107/2009

Ms Aurélie Dhaussy (ECPA)

Renewal obligations – the non-notifier’s dilemmas

Mr Hans Mattaar (ECCA)

Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 – Critical issues and possible amendments

Ms Karin Lauber (Scientific Consulting Company GmbH., Germany)

EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility and EUMUDA

Ms Nathalie Boutron (ECMUCF)

The CZSC secretariat and harmonisation in the zonal proces

Ms Charlotte Roth (BVL, Germany)

New Regulation on Fertilising Products

Ms Bronislava Škarbová (MoARD, Slovakia)

Ongoing business in Austria

Ms Rebecca Reboul (AGES, Austria)

Zonal Evaluation, Mutual Recognition and Amendment of Authorisations – Hungarian experiences

Mr Gábor Tőkés, Ms Adél Janka (NÉBIH, Hungary)

National policy towards authorisation of low risk products, basic substances and non-PPPs

Mr Pavel Minář (ÚKZÚZ, Czech Republic)

Regulation 1107/2009 – Current issues and challenges

Mr Peter Kiklica (ÚKSÚP, Slovakia)

SESSION II: Directive 2009/128/EC
Low-risk Substances

Mr Bernd Brielbeck (Scientific Consulting Company GmbH., Germany)

National Pesticide Risk Indicators

Mr Tomasz Stobiecki, Mr Wojciech Śliwiński, Mr Kazimierz Waleczek (IOR, Poland)

Austrian national action plan 2017-2021

Mr Michael Wolf (MoAFEWM, Austria)

Review of the NAP

Mr Péter Gál (MoA, Hungary)

PPP treatments in public areas, risk mitigation measures

Mr Pavel Minář (ÚKZÚZ, Czech Republic)

Key problems of SUD implementation

Ms Bronislava Škarbová (MoARD, Slovakia)

Second Day 25th October 2017
SESSION III: Official Inspections
Countering illegal PPPs

Ms Aurélie Dhaussy (ECPA)

Potential of Use of Electronic Evidence of PPP in form of 2D Matrix Codes in Conditions of the Czech Agriculture from 2020

Ms Miluše Kusendová-Dvoržáková, Mr Otto Ilčík (CCPA)

The Robbery of Plant Protection Products (PPPs)

Mr Denis Truchetet (MoAF, BNEVP, France)

Working Group on Formulation Labs – main activities

Mr Marek Miszczyk (IOR, Poland), Mr Dara O’Shea (European Commission, DG SANTE, HFAA)

Commission Regulations on the Official Controls of PPPs Placed on the Market – state of play

Mr Josef Švaříček (ÚKZÚZ, Czech Republic)

Parallel trade in Hungary – How to prevent misuse of the system?

Ms Mária Nagyné Kelemen, Ms Ágnes Pethő, Mr Gábor Tőkés (NÉBIH, Hungary)

Official control of PPPs in Poland in the years 2016 – 2017 – the main causes of irregularities

Mr Marek Miszczyk, Ms Marlena Płonka, Ms Dorota Kronenebach-Dylong, Ms Ewa Ledzińska-Glazik (IOR, Poland)

SESSION IV: International, Regional and Countries Developments
since CEUREG Forum XX
Registration of pesticides in Ukraine: Basic overview, recent changes and challenges, industry feedback

Ms Tatsiana Palchekh (Polgar ACRO Agrochemical consultancy, Hungary)

Principles of Pesticide Assortment Formation in Russian Federation

Mr Alexandr Laptiev (VIZR, Russia)

Information on the next meeting – CEUREG Forum XXII, October 2018, Vienna, Austria

Mr Josef Švaříček (ÚKZÚZ, Czech Republic)

Formulation of the Draft Summary and Recommendation of the CEUREG Forum XXI

Mr Pavel Minář (ÚKZUZ, Czech Republic) and Ms Bronislava Škarbová (MoARD, Slovakia)

Closing of the CEUREG Forum XXI

Ms Bronislava Škarbová (MoARD, Slovakia)

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