Final documents

CEUREG FORUM XV – Final Document

Final Document
6 – 7 October 2011

The fifteenth meeting of CEUREG FORUM was organised in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

CEUREG FORUM participants: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, European Commission, ECPA, OPERA and SAOR.

The CEUREG FORUM meeting took place according to the Agenda (see enclosed). Participating countries from the CEUREG region, the European Commission, industry and other representatives discussed the PPP authorisation system established by the Regulation 1107/2009/EC replacing Directive 91/414/EEC, and requirements on the PPP use established by the Directive 2009/128/EC, especially the preparatory work on implementing regulations and guidance documents at the EU level including IPM and organic farming, in individual countries and also the industry and others view on it. Other topics discussed included:

  • challenges of new processes in PPP authorisation
  • mutual recognition
  • implementation of IPM principles
  • organic farming
  • risks from counterfeited products and obsolete pesticides
  • borderline cases between PPP’s and other products

Participants from regulatory bodies of the CEUREG countries agreed on the following conclusions and recommendations:

  1. EU Member States personal capacity should be appropriate to the requirements and shorter timelines established by the Regulation 1107/2009/EC. Due to limited resources a lot of CEUREG Region EU MSs are no longer able to accept applications as zonal RMSs.
  2. Participants agreed that European Commission should take into account that the practice of the Integrated Pest Management varies in different situations. Because of this it has to be requested if IPM should become part of the cross-compliance system.
  3. It is still desirable that the European Commission together with the MSs creates working groups for all issues connected to IPM implementation and to pesticide controls. Its tasks will include exchange of experiences, proposing legal solutions, analysing and commenting on the EU documents and providing proposals and initiatives.
  4. CEUREG countries decided to create network of experts to promote co-operation in the area of PPPs controls and actions against counterfeited products and the illegal trade. They will also make all their efforts to increase the efficiency of inspections.
  5. CEUREG countries welcomed the initiation for survey about “nonPPPs”, and encourage more countries to answer the questionnaire. It should be considered to forward this questionnaire to OECD to initiate an OECD-wide survey.
  6. Concerning mutual recognition of PPPs authorizations according to Directive 91/414, CEUREG Region EU MSs would welcome a pragmatic and technical solutions in MSs.
  7. With the introduction of general principles of IPM in 2014, it will no longer be possible to maintain official negative or positive lists for authorized products excluding them or authorising them for IPM use. That is different for voluntary crop or sector specific guidelines.
  8. National Action Plan is a major issue for EU MSs in the next years, and may need additional resources. Harmonized risk indicators still have to be developed with full involvement of the EU MSs.

Documents and presentations from the CEUREG meetings are available on the CEUREG Forum web page

Topics proposed for the next CEUREG meeting include: new PPPs Regulation including controls and illegal trade, SUD and related legal documents – stage of progress, progress of NAPs in individual countries, situation of nonPPPs, and any activities taking place between the CEUREG Forums.

Mr. Robert Womastek introduced Vienna the venue of the next CEUREG Forum in 2012.

Adopted in Bratislava, 7 October 2011


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