Venue: Hotel International Conference Centre, Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Organizer: Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Food Quality and Phytosanitary Policy, Sector of Phytosanitary Policy, Service for Plant Protection Products, Zagreb, Croatia
The Forum is organized under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Tihomir Jakovina,
Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia.
The meeting is a technical conference for pesticides regulation experts from Central and East Europe. Over the past twenty one years the Forum has been organised by experts from the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Budapest in a close cooperation with the colleagues from the Plant Protection Products Section of the State Phytosanitary Administration of the Czech Republic from Brno (now: Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Plant Protection Products Division, Brno, Czech Republic) and the Polish Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute from Poznań.
On CEUREG Forum XI. Visegrad Group countries (i.e. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and Austria agreed on the rotational principle for Forum organization, being applied first in 2009, when CEUREG Forum XIII. was organized by the Institute of Plant Protection in Poznań.

This year the Forum is exceptionally organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia to commemorate two years of Croatia EU membership.

The Forum provides an opportunity to exchange information and experiences between regulatory agencies in charge of placing plant protection products on the market in the Central and East European Countries. The most important objective of the Forum activities is to help reduce the risk of pesticides use. It is about:
cooperation, transfer of information, learning from each other
The most important objective of the Forum activities is to help reduce the risk of pesticide use.
  • to initiate common approach to different issues related to pesticide regulation,
  • to promote international cooperation,
  • to share information