First Day 5th November 2015
Welcome and introduction

Ms Višnja Ljubetić, Head of Sector of Phytosanitary Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia

Opening of the CEUREG Forum XIX

Ms Božica Rukavina, Assistant Minister for Food Quality and Phytosanitary Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia

Draft Agenda Approval

Mr Josef Švaříček (Czech Republic)

SESSION I: Regulation 1107/2009/EC – Current Issues
Comparative Assessment of Pesticide Products under Regulation 1107/2009

Mr Jon Winfield (UK)

Implementation of comparative assessment – Portuguese Guidance

Ms Miriam Cavaco Carvalho (Portugal)

Special cases in the authorization procedure

Mr Gábor Tőkés, Ms Mária Nagyné Kelemen (Hungary)

New legal aspects of parallel trade

Mr Josef Švaříček (Czech Republic)

Issues and impact: Review of active substances

Mr Euros Jones (ECPA)

Products renewal – Article 43 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009

Ms Rebecca Reboul (Austria)

Article 43 applications including comparative assessment – industry’s role in managing the process

Mr Martyn Griffiths (ECPA)

Croatian Progress Report: Authorisations and permits of PPPs according to Regulation (EC) No 1007/2009

Ms Gorana Peček (Croatia)

Croatian Experiences with Evaluation of PPPs According to the Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009

Ms Zdravka Sever, Tina Fazinić, Ana Mrnjavčić Vojvoda, Rajka Turk (Croatia)

SESSION II: Directive 2009/128/EC – Current Issues
Training for safe handling and use of pesticides in Croatia

Mr Vlado Novaković (Croatia)

National Action Plan (NAP) in Slovenia

Ms Milena Koprivnikar Bobek (Slovenia)

Introduction to EU legislative framework and Standards for Pesticides Application Equipment

Mr Vlado Novaković (Croatia)

Availability of plant protection products containing microorganisms in European Union member states

Ms Ewa Matyjaszczyk (Poland)

Neonicotinoid Actualities in Hungary

Mr András Gyeraj, Gábor Szalkai, Gábor Tőkés, József Kiss (Hungary)

Second Day 6th November 2015
SESSION III: Official Controls
Current system for monitoring of pesticides residues in Croatia

Mr Željko Herner (Croatia)

The effectiveness of the new sampling system for official control in Poland – results

Mr Marek Miszczyk, M. Płonka, K. Waleczek, W. Śłiwiński, D. Kronenbach-Dylong, E. Ledzińska (Poland)

Current situation of the new Regulation on Official Controls

Mr Josef Švaříček (Czech Republic)

Some current cases investigated by the BNEVP, France:
Cases of illegal uses of fertilizers and PPPs, regulatory limits
A case of massive bee mortality in relation with a cross contamination

Mr Denis Truchetet (France)

Introduction of CLP regulation for PPPs and yield enhancers in Hungary

Ms Adél Janka (Hungary)

SESSION IV: Other International, Regional and Countries Developments since CEUREG Forum XVIII
Serbia EU membership – Progress report
Implementation of Directive 2009/128/EC in Serbia

Ms Snezana Savčić-Petrić (Serbia)

Plant Production Products & Current Situation in Turkey

Ms Betül Vazgeçer

State registration, Application of plant protection products and Supervision of their usage in the Republic of Belarus

Mr Leanid Pliashko, Ms Tamara Halalob, Ms Iryna Ilyukova (Belarus)

Oral information on the next meeting: CEUREG Forum XX, October 2016, Brno, Czech Republic

Mr Josef Švaříček (Czech Republic)

Information on the CEUREG Forum XIX Draft Final Document distribution and approval by CEUREG region states participants

Mr Josef Švaříček (Czech Republic)

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