Practical information


There is no Forum Fee.

Please note that travelling and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organizer.
There will be served 2 lunches and one dinner (on the 7th October 2010) free of charge.


You can book your rooms in the Hotel Continental (from July 20, 2010).

There was arranged so called „block reservation“ of „STANDARD“ single/double rooms by the organizers in the Hotel Continental, the venue of CEUREG Forum XIV. Meeting.

Prices of accommodation (with breakfast) are:

-          Single room („STANDARD“ room for one person)            1050,- CZK

-          Double room („STANDARD“ room for two persons)       1500,- CZK

The rate (19.7.2010) is 1 Euro = 25,43 CZK (Czech Crown).

For booking of rooms use the form on the web address of the hotel:

Fill in the word CEUREG to the last box „Special requirements“ on the end of the booking form.

Prices of the rooms are after the price reduction, but only for the „STANDARD“ single/double rooms for one/two persons.

If you wish to book more luxury rooms, you can, but for a normal price.

As to the accommodation, be so kind and consult you problems (if any) directly with the hotel first. All contacts are available on the web address: on the end of the Hotel Welcome (main) page.